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I am a 45 year old woman who was recently diagnosed with Pustular Psoriasis.  I went to many doctors before receiving the correct diagnosis and many, many different treatments at quite an expense.  I read a lot of literature about the diagnosis and came to one conclusion.  It’s main causes are stress and chemical toxins.  One has to wonder why all these physicians are prescribing more chemical compounds to combat this disease.

I was referred to Psoria Pure by a friend and what a life saver.  After months of mainstream topical and oral treatments that have serious side effects I found this WONDERFUL, ALL NATURAL MIRACLE IN A BOTTLE.  I would recommend this product to anyone of any  age.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank YOU

-Lorelei, North Haven, CT


I’m a 23 year old woman and I’ve had Postular Psoriasis since I was born. Once I started learning about what kind of harsh chemicals were in the skin ointments I had been using, I set out to find an alternative.

I work at a health food store, so I’ve had the opportunity to try out many products that are marketed towards psoriasis–many of which didn’t work, and there were even some that made my skin worse. We started carrying Psoria Pure at my store a few months ago, and my manager suggested I buy it because it worked really well for her daughter. I figured  I’d give it a shot–plus, I was excited to learn that the product was developed right in my home state of Connecticut!

I was pleasantly surprised with Psoria Pure. It smells wonderful and has a smooth, lightweight consistency–both things which can be hard to come by with psoriasis treatments. When used consistently, I really did see an improvement in my skin, which was very exciting. What’s most important to me is that it offers immediate relief to painful or itchy spots–the lotion itself is so soothing, it’s worth buying it just for that reason.

I recommended Psoria Pure to all of my customers and am proud to support your product. Keep up the good work and thank you for putting so much time and care into what you’re selling.

~Valerie, Monroe, CT

Thank goodness for PsoriaPure!

Psoria pure relieved the unsightly redness and discomfort on my nine-year old son’s face.  Within three days the skin irritation around my son’s mouth was gone.  Even after the first night, I was amazed how improved my son’s skin appeared.  Before Psoria pure I tried several products that were messy and uncomfortable and I was concerned about the safety of using some lotions.  It’s now the only product he will allow me to apply to his cracked, dry skin that he periodically gets at different times of the year ( I think it’s some kind of Eczema, but im not sure…).  I am so glad to have found this product!

~ L. A. Howard


My sister suggested Psoria Pure and I have been using it for the last couple of weeks. It’s a great product and it has been very helpful.

~John, North Haven, CT


I have had dry skin for most my adult life. It started as a single patch and  now I have 60% of my body covered in Psoriasis.

Before Psoria Pure I felt defeated. I always tried to keep a low profile since I felt like a leper.

I started to use Psoria Pure and within a week all the skin buildup on my psoriasis patches came off.

Within a week my skin stopped stinging in the shower for the 1st time in 6 years. This was probably the most noticable benefit I have had.

In the coming months with using Psoria Pure once a day I noticed that my psoriasis stopped caking, cracking and bleeding all together.

My psoriasis is becoming manageable.

I have been using Psoria Pure for over a year now and I have had no “bad” side effects.

On the other hand I have experienced so many positive effects… I feel better in my skin. I know it is all in my head but this cream allows me to face this ever scrutinized world.

In less affected areas, I am experiencing complete reversal of psoriasis symptoms.

Makes me think “if I had this product 15 years ago maybe I wouldn’t have been in such dire straits”.

For people with skin issues that are less than what I have. I can only imagine how quickly Psoria Pure will work for you.

Thank you so much

-J. Melhorn

Never had anything actually work on my eczema… bought this product on a whim and haven’t stopped using it since. It does need to be applied generously and daily but its well worth it.


Danielle, Howell, NJ

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