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In our Psoria Pure line we use a natural preservative, Silverion 2400. Simply put this preservative / anti bacterial concentrate is based on a citric acid silver complex. We are capable of providing a long shelf life and also keeping the lotions germ free with this product, even better it is used at a nominal rate of .3%!

Silverion 2400 provides a broad spectrum antimicrobial activity and is effective against unwanted skin bacteria (especially cornybacterium) and pathogenic micro organisms. Its fast-killing activity makes Silverion 2400 an effective antimicrobial for home & personal care products.It is a water-soluble silver salt of citric acid (containing 2400 ppm silver ions). It is not a colloidal silver solution. Silver biocides work by binding to and disrupting the bacterial cell wall, binding to the microbe’s enzymes and denaturing them, which destroys the energy source of the cell, leading to rapid cell death. It also binds to DNA, thus stopping its replication.

All in all our preservative is strong agianst germs and gentle on skin!


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