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Started in October 2012, Liquid Innovators LLC is a U.S. skin care company located in Hamden, CT. It was founded on the principle that simple solutions to everyday problems — not just skin care — can be accomplished through knowledge brought to the table by current cultural innovations. Although technology has appeared to solve even the most mundane problems, it had become evident that not quite everything could be solved by a computer. The human body, for example, still required extensive biological and physiological research and development to discover cures for even the most common issues. Driven by the desire to improve an individual’s self-confidence by appearance, Liquid Innovators discovered that age-old skin problems such as psoriasis and eczema could be relieved through the known science of natural herbs, or naturopathy.

Psoria Pure, Liquid Innovators’ flagship line and first publicly introduced product, was actually developed from one of the founders’ original formulas for a diaper rash cream. In 2005, a product called Bottoms Barrier made its way into a few select stores, quickly gaining popularity primarily through internet sales. Bottoms Barrier sold worldwide, and several customers in Australia discovered its healing potential for their psoriasis condition. Six years later, after the original founder had battled health problems and the daunting task of raising a child, Liquid Innovators’ second founder re-ignited the entrepreneurial drive and co-developed the Psoria Pure that we know today.

Psoria Pure Lotion was the 47th adaptation of the original formula from a hard, hockey puck-like product that came in a tin, to the smooth talc-like cream that is currently on the market. The evolution of this product did not come easy — countless hours of experimentation in the kitchen and many sleepless nights went into the development of Psoria Pure.

The basic ingredients such as grape seed oil infused with herbs and other natural products remained the same; however, halfway through the development of the lotion, several other main ingredients were added. Andiroba oil, commonly used in Amazonia and South America, was added, as well as grape seed extract. Although worldwide popularity was lacking at the time of development, both ingredients are highly regarded and have extensive research and scientific proof for their skin treatment and wound healing capabilities. In-depth studies of the Andiroba oil have been performed by Brazilian authorities, and today much of the research and new product development by Liquid Innovators is based around this unique, under-utilized oil.

Today, Liquid Innovators continues to strive for product development. Like its peers in the skin care product industry, Liquid Innovators feels much of its emphasis is well placed in the discovery of old medicinal plants and herbs found around the world.



Our Allentown, PA factory that mixes, bottles, labels, and ships out our Psoria Pure Lotion

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